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Create a New Habit, Track a Resolution and a lot more.

Habits is a life changing app which provides an awesome framework for people to create new habits.

Make or Break a Habit

Create Multiple Habits

Habits is a life changing app which provides an awesome framework for people to create new habits and resolutions.

Cloud Sync

Sync across Mac and iPhone

Seamlessly sync your Habit data between multiple desktops and the free Habits companion app using the powerful cloud sync feature.

Free iPhone Companion App

Habits Syncs in both iPhone and Desktop

'Habits Go' is the perfect companion for Habits app for Desktop. Track the progress of your habits or resolutions on the go.

Power of People

Option to share

We have given an option to share your habits with your facebook friends from the app. We belive that power of people can really push us to continue to streak of a habit. ( This Feature is currently available in Non MacAppStore Version and soon coming up in MacAppStore Version)

Separate calendar to track each habit

Each on its own board

You can track every habit which is associated with a separate calendar and its so awesome to track it easily.

Intutitive User Interface

Design to make it more smoother

You feel like writing it on the board, we have given two themes black and green board.

Habit Tracking

Quick and Easy Tracking

The app makes the trackings of habits a breeze. Just select a habit and click done or not done to enter the progress.

Non Daily Habits

Configure your target and days

Some habits involve activities that are not done daily like going to the gym twice a week or running every alternate day. Habits helps you create and track them as well.

Notes for a Day

Reasons and Trigger Patterns

You can add notes for a day to record your experience, reason for not doing or a trigger pattern which causes a desirable or undesirable action.

Reorder and Quick Edit Habits

Bring your Favourites on top

Quickly edit the habit name and also bring all your important habits to the top. Mark one habit as favorite which opens by default.

Custom Settings and Themes

Your App. Your Way.

Two beautiful and realtime board themes in Green and Black colours. Custom settings to make the app work like you want.

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