Rohini Manian, CEO of Global Adjustments based in Chennai had a vision of creating an end to end digital platform for all real estate and home services named Propcierge. They leverage their 70 years of infrastructure expertise and 25 years of real estate and destinations service knowledge to serve the users and their property at every step of the way from buying, renting, selling, documentation, rent collection to entire repairs and maintenance and deep cleaning.

Problem Faced

The personal approach and field knowledge of Global Adjustments and their related groups has made them the most trusted experts in India for everything real estate. But they needed a world-class seamless technology platform to augment their experience and deliver their services to a wide range of users and cater to their services needs.


To create a world-class end-to-end real estate and home service platform for Propcierge with a wide variety of service categories and seamless execution and tracking. The users should be able to quickly view all services provided, select their services, pay for them and track the execution all within the app. The users can also create a subscription package in which all activities in the package will be executed on a regular basis as scheduled.


MacAppStudio designed and developed the end-to-end live real estate and home services platform for Propcierge leveraging the best in class tools and technologies for dynamic cataloging, automatic work allocation, google maps integration, time, and subscription payments and so much more.

The users have an iOS and Android app using which they can view the services by category, search for services, choose a service (Cleaning), select specific needs (Two rooms or Three rooms), pay online and track the execution of the service end to end. The user can also select the subscription option where the set of services in that package will be executed as per the schedule provided. There is a service person app to receive work items and view details, update the status of the work and complete the work. There is a supervisor app also to view and allocate work items. There is an admin dashboard for the Propcierge team to manage categories, service listing, pricing, subscription packages, users, and other actives like finance, reports, and analytics.


  • Kotlin

  • Swift

  • Objective C

  • HTML

  • JS

  • PHP

  • MySQL

Current Status

The platform was launched in 2020 and has been acquiring a lot of service persons and end users and has been expanding the service categories for real estate and home services. With the addition of new services and maintenance of high-quality service delivery and also the adherence to safety standards Propcierge is evolving as the one-stop real estate and home service platform as envisioned.

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