Social Fan is a single app that will manage your entire social media, email and online interests. SocialFan is created with a vision to bring together your entire digital life in a single app so that you do not need to login and out of multiple sites and apps.

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Enhanced productivity

SocialFan improves the productivity of users to a very large extent since the online information as well as user data are available in a single app and in a single click.

No Login or Logout

SocialFan has all your favourite email, social media and online interests together so that you don’t need to login, logout or switch browser windows.

Entire Social Life in an app

SocialFan is created with a vision to bring together your entire digital life in a single app and to give a seamless experience while switching between various modules.

Get Emails in control

Introducing a totally new way of super simple and efficient communication. Be on top of all your email accounts at the same time. Supports Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Be on top of Social Media

Be in touch with friends and family Switching between your favorite social media sites has never been so easy. No logins, no logouts and no hassles. supports Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Follow your interests

SocialFan helps you to follow your online interests in just a click. Check out your favorite sites like Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram or Wikipedia in just a click.

Customise the App

Customise the app to your liking by simply switching on or off the modules based on your preference. The modules that you switch on only will be displayed in the dashboard.

Seamlessly switch across apps

Move from one app to another with unprecedented ease. SocialFan provides seamless switching between apps with just a click. All your favorite apps are made available in the dashboard for quick access.

Launch on Start

You can configure the SocialFan app to launch on start so that the app is launched silently and is available instantly for your click or key stroke.

Personalise the app

SocialFan can be mode more personal by adding your image, name and a caption which could be your favourite quote or message.

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