Expenses is a awesome and easy way to track your daily expenses. Expenses app is designed keeping in mind the need for a beautiful, quick and efficient way to track your day to day spendings.

separatorApp Overview


separatorHow to add an Expense?


  • Open the Expenses app from the menu bar.
  • Enter the expenses in the expense input section in the format “Expense detail=Amount” (Ex: Groceries=400).
  • Press Return or click + to save.

separatorHow to add a category to the Expense?


  • Click on the Inbox icon before the expense in the list
  • A list of categories will be listed
  • Select the category for the expense and it will be saved

separatorHow to edit an expense?


  • Click on the expense description or the amount that you want to edit
  • The edit mode will be enabled
  • Make the changes and press Return and the expense will be updated

separatorHow to view all expenses of a category?



  • Click on the Category button in the bottom menu
  • This will pop up a list of Categories
  • Select the category whose expenses you want to view
  • All the expenses of that category will be shown in the list

separatorHow to view expenses by month?


  • Click on the Calendar button on the bottom menu
  • This will pop up date selection option
  • Click on any date of the month whose expenses you want to see
  • All the expenses of that month will be displayed

separatorHow to view analysis report by month?


  • Click on the Analysis button on the bottom menu
  • The analysis report of the current month will be displayed
  • All the categories along with their respective spending and percentages are also provided

separatorHow to load the app on start up?

  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom menu
  • Enable Load on Start up option

separatorHow to configure and use Hot Keys in the app?


  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom menu
  • Click Edit button in the Hot Keys section
  • Enter the hot keys for opening app and adding an expense
  • Click on Save to apply the changes and start using the hot keys.

separatorNeed any other help?

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