Life is a clean, beautiful and an awesome journal that helps you to capture life as it happens. The app helps you to capture all your life moments as they happen and view them as a personal timeline.


App Overview – Main Screen


separatorAdd a Journal Entry

Life Entry

separatorHow to add a Journal Entry?


  • Click on the Add a Journal Entry button
  • Add the date, type, emotion, image, location, favourite and tags to the Entry by using the buttons provided.
  • Enter the Journal Details in the text area.
  • Format the text using the Bold, Italic and Underline options provided.
  • Click Save to add the Entry to your personal timeline.

separator How to edit a Journal Entry?


  • Click on the Journal Entry in your personal timeline.
  • The details of the Journal Entry will be provided in the edit mode.
  • Change the Journal Entry text or the other parameters.
  • Click Save to update the Journal Entry.

separatorHow to view moments of any day?


  • Click on the Calendar Button on the top menu.
  • The moments of each day will be highlighted using their tag colour.
  • Click on any day to view the list of moments that happened in that date.

separatorHow to set up reminders for writing the Journal Entry?

  • SettingsClick on the Settings button in the top menu.
  • Enable the Reminders option.
  • Choose the frequency to remind you to write down the moments.
  • Click on Save.

separatorNeed any other help?

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