TasksBox is an awesome and beautiful task manager that helps you easily and efficiently manage your daily tasks, projects, notes and lists so that you can spend more time on what you love. Manage anything from daily tasks, shopping lists, recipes, projects or a birthday party.


What can be managed using TasksBox?

  • TasksBox – To manage a group of tasks
  • Project – To manage a group of related activities
  • List – To manage a group of related list items
  • NoteBook – To manage a group of notes


Real life examples of the categories

  • TasksBox -  Payments, Home Errands, Calls
  • Project -  Birthday Party, Website Design, Home Painting
  • List – Shopping List, Travel Check List, Activity Check List
  • NoteBook – Ideas, Thoughts, Future Tasks


App Overview



Task / Project Activity Option

Click on any task / project that you have entered to get more options


 Overview, Notes , Tags , Location, Due Date, Repeat Settings, Reminder Settings, Sub-Tasks, Change Category, Additional Task Options (Quick, Call, Important, Urgent, Online)


How to add a TasksBox?


  • Click on the Add a Category button
  • Choose TasksBox
  • Enter a TasksBox name and select an icon.
  • Click Create

separatorHow to add a Project?


  • Click on the Add a Category button
  • Choose Project
  • Enter a Project name and select a theme and icon.
  • Click Create

separatorHow to add NoteBook?


  • Click on the Add a Category button
  • Choose NoteBook
  • Enter a NoteBook name and select a theme and icon.
  • Click Create

separatorHow to add a List?


  • Click on the Add a Category button
  • Choose List
  • Enter a List name and select a theme and icon.
  • Click Create

separatorHow to edit or delete a Category (TasksBox, Project, List or NoteBook)?


  • In the category list view you will see a list of categories (TasksBox, Project, List or NoteBook)
  • Click on the category you want to edit.
  • Enter the new details and click Update.
  • If you want to delete click on the delete icon.

separatorWhat is focus mode?


Focus mode is a high productive mode where you want to focus on a set of tasks based on a common parameter. For example you are online and have some time and want to see all the online tasks that are pending.  You can also view tasks which are important, online, quick (less than 2 mins), due today, over due etc and also search for focus tasks based on tags, location etc.

separatorHow to switch between Tasks, Project, Notes and List?


  • Just click on the context which you want to see in the top left buttons.
  • Based on your choice the app will show you the Tasks, Projects, Lists or Notes.
  • The current context will always be shown on the top left.

separatorWhat are the types of Reports that are available?

TasksBox Analysis : An analysis of the completed and actual number of items of each TasksBox or Project. This gives the users the number of tasks completed in TasksBox and progress level in Project.


separatorDistribution Analysis : A quick distribution analysis of all the completed items by their TasksBox or Project to help you understand the category wise completion pattern. This helps you to understand the category in which you completed the maximum number of tasks or project activities.

separatorCompletion Analysis : A simple and informative graph comparing the total items due for each month and the actual items completed for each month for all the previous months.

separatorProductivity Analysis : A graph showing the productivity level of the user in the current context for all the previous months. This calculation is based on the total number of items completed and their due dates.



How to use the EisenHower Matrix?


  • Click on Focus Mode option and Choose ‘Matrix’ option to view the EisenHower Matrix or you can use Analysis->EisenHower Matrix option to view the Matrix.
  • The EisenHower Matrix is used to view tasks or project activities grouped by their Importance and Urgency.
  • Drag and drop items to change their importance and urgency levels.
  • Click on the checkbox for each item to mark them as complete.


How to set up Cloud Sync?


  • Click on the Cloud Sync Set up button.
  • Switch on the Cloud Sync option.
  • Follow the procedures to enable Cloud Sync
  • Now Cloud Sync will be available on all your Macs. The iPhone companion app for TasksBox is coming soon.


How to lock my app?


  • Click on the settings option
  • Enable the App Locking option
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN twice to confirm
  • Use Tools->Lock App Menu option to lock the app.

If you forget your PIN you cannot manually reset it in the app. Please send an email to support@macappstudio.com to know the steps to retrieve the password from your system.


How to back up my data?


  • Click on the settings option
  • Enable the Automatic Data Backup option for an auto back up every 15 days.
  • If you want to take a back up instantly use the ’Take a manual backup now’ option

Need any other help?

Please send us an email at support@macappstudio.com and we will respond to you in minutes.