WriteKit is the most quick and easiest text editor available for Mac. It is designed keeping in mind the need for a clean, beautiful and efficient Text Editor for Mac.

separatorApp Overview


separatorHow to add a new Text Document?

  • Click on the New Document button
  • Enter the text or paste it in the text entry area provided
  • Click on Save Document button

separatorHow to edit a Text Document?

  • Click on the Open Document button
  • Choose the document to be edited in the file chooser
  • The selected document will be opened
  • Edit and Save the document

separatorHow to open a document in WriteKit from Finder?

  • Right Click on the RTF document file
  • Select Open With->Other
  • Select WriteKit and select the Always Open With option
    After this you can double click or Right click and choose WriteKit to open document directly.

separatorWhat is Focus Mode in WriteKit?

Focus Mode is a high productivity writing mode for professionals. Just click on Full screen option in the app tool bar to enable this mode for a focussed writing experience.

separatorNeed any other help?

Please send us an email at support@macappstudio.com and we will respond to you in minutes.