The first step toward making our wishes as realities is writing them down and Wish Jar helps you to do just that. Wish Jar helps you to write down your wishes in a beautiful interface & also enables your view your list at any time.

Belief in Action

It is proven that a wish which is written down is more likely to come true than the one that is just in our thoughts or words.

Understand what you want.

Writing can even help you understand what you want and in turn what our priorities are which can help us to evaluate our wishes.

List all your wishes

Wish Jar provides a simple and effective way to quickly jot down all your wishes so that you will never miss capturing any of them.

Review your wishes regularly

You can also scroll down the list of all your wishes captured over the years along regularly so that you can be motivated and keep them in focus.

Beautiful Layout

Wish Jar has a beautiful layout and also beautiful colours for each of your wishes. Noting down your wishes has never been this beautiful.

Many Real Life Examples

Write It Down To Make It Happen. It Happen. Graeme Smith - Cricket Captian of SouthAfrica, wrote "I will be captain of my country" note under a fridge magnet at the age of 12. So Start Writing Your Wish E.g. "Find the perfect mate, buy your dream house, get a great new job, wake up happier, travel the world, or even have a better relationship with your teenager."

Colorful Wishes

WishJar enables you to add beautiful colours of your choices for your wishes that makes your wish more beautiful.

Cloud Sync - Coming Soon !

Sync you Wishes across iPhone, iPad and Multiple Macs using the power of Cloud Sync. Wishes in Sync Anywhere Anytime on the Move.

Buy Now and Let All Your Dream comes True.